Frequently Asked Questions


What are Stem Cells?

What are Dental Stem Cells?

What makes Dental Stem Cells different?

What diseases are being researched?


Why should I store dental stem cells?

Should I bank more than one tooth?

Why should I choose Tooth Bank to work with?


I have multiple children, should I bank each of their teeth?

Why can’t I just pull out a tooth at the time its needed for cells vs. storing now?

What are the Tooth Bank Kit components?

When should I enroll?

Do I need to let my dentist know I am planning on storing my teeth?

Will my dentist know how to do it?

Can I store the teeth at home in my fridge?

Which teeth are best?

Do teeth with cavities work?

How long can stem cells be stored?

How do I know my sample will be secure?

How do I insure my information is private?


What if my stem cells are not suitable for use?

Does insurance cover this service?

Can I pay for this with my flexible spending account?

Will my dentist charge me?