Dental Stem Cell Collection Kit
Dental Stem Cell Collection Kit

Dental Stem Cell Collection Kit

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After check out, you will receive a phone call within 24 hours to go over your options.  The Tooth Bank Dental Stem Cell Collection Kit is used to transport a single individual's extracted teeth (up to 4 total).  The kit is then picked up by FedEx (prepaid shipping label included) where it will be processed at our laboratory.  The cells are then stored cryogenically and you will receive a viability report and certificate with date and time of successful preservation.  


The $50 will be credited towards your final payment. Processing and stem cell harvesting fees plus the first year of storage are ONLY $590 with payment options available.  We only begin to collect these fees after your kit has been received and tested by our laboratory.  If we find that the samples are not viable, we will not process any further fees and fully refund the original $50 deposit.  

After the first year, your yearly annual storage fee is $115.  We also have a 20 year long term discounted storage plan available at $1499 if you would like to choose this term up front to lock in a discounted rate.  

For military and family plans, call for more information at the phone number below.

Economical Benefits

  • Free Cell Expansion (if needed) -- a $1,500 value. 
  • Samples stored and monitored in protected cryogenic freezers
  • Free Shipping
  • Annual Storage Fee is locked in and will not increase.
  • Lab processes 7 days a week (including holidays)

To view our full client service agreement for teeth collection and storage that will arrive with your kit, please click here